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CMS: Event

View Content Type support article before creating an event

Enter required information to create an event:

  • Enter Title of event-this is what will appear on the homepage
  • Enter Event Date-the date the event will occur


Optional Information

Upload an Image:

  • Upload an image (must be a png, gif, jpg, or jpeg. (Images will be automatically scaled to fit the space)
  • Ideal image size is 500x335 pixels
  • Enter Alternate Text and Title 


  • Enter content in the CK Editor content box
  • Upload video using embed code
  • Select Publishing option


Schedule event (if this section is left blank-the event will have to be manually unpublished)

  • Enter publish/unpublish dates/time in the following format using military time: 2013-07-19 09:49:42 


  • Select Save

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