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Cloud Printing: PC

Determine System Type (32-bit or 64-bit)

  • NOTE:  Most new computers are 64-bit, so you could always try installing the 64-bit version first. (If it doesn't work, then install the 32-bit version.)
  • Right click on My Computer icon on desktop or Start button (lower left corner)
  • Right click on Computer
  • Select Properties or System Properties 
  • Note operating system/system type 

Win Cloud Printing

Install Download for Cloud Printing

Choose: 32-bit Cloud Printing Download  |  64-bit Cloud Printing Download (select appropriate download for the system type)

  • Download the zipped file, then open/extract the installation file it contains.
  • Double click the file to install
  • Click Install (must be connected to eku_secure wireless or a wired connection; eku_guest will NOT work)
  • Click Finish

Register Your Colonel Card

Your Colonel Card (EKU ID card) can be registered at any Cloud Printer location. This is a one-time process and provides access to all Cloud Printers at EKU.

  • Select the Register Card icon on the Cloud Printer LCD Screen

Win Cloud Printing

  • Select the green keyboard icon to enter username

Win Cloud PrintingWin Cloud Printing

  • Select the green keyboard icon to enter password

Win Cloud PrintingWin Cloud Printing

  • Swipe the BLACK magnetic strip on your Colonel Card to register

ColonelOne Card


Win Cloud Printing

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