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Blackboard: Currently Known Issues

This page collects a list of the currently known issues with our Blackboard system.  This list will be updated as new issues are discovered or as Blackboard patches the system and fixes issues.  

  • Students sometimes receiving overdue alerts for assignments they submitted on time - This issue tends to occur in courses with groups that have assignments in them and causes students to see overdue messages for the assignment in groups they are not a part of
  • Files attached to the feedback tool when grading sometimes cannot be downloaded - Sometimes when files are attached to the feedback tool when grading assignments there is an error which causes students to be unable to download the file
  • Students can edit the descriptions of Discussion Board forums - Students can see the edit button and can use it to modify the descriptions of forums in the discussion board, which they should not be able to do
  • Rubrics show grades with a number of decimal places - Rubrics will show grades out to five decimal places, regardless of whether the grade number should require them.  In addition, numbers are sometimes displayed incorrectly (ie, 12.99999 instead of 13)
  • Group Discussion Board forums are renamed when student enrollments in groups change - When student enrollments in groups in Blackboard change, they sometimes cause the Discussion Board forums to be renamed to a generic name (the name of the group followed by 1, 2, 3, etc)