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To Access Internet Native Banner:

  • Open web browser - Internet Explorer or Netscape
  • Address:
  • Warning Security message will appear, click “Always"
  • Install Java Initiator for first time logon to Internet Native Banner
  • Click ‘yes’ to install Java
  • Click ‘next’ to save software in default destination
  • Click ‘ok’ after installation completed

To change your Banner password:

  • Click from “My Links” on right hand side, ‘Change Banner Password’
  • Enter current password in the Oracle Password field
  • Enter your “New” Password in the New Oracle Password field
  • Needs to be eight characters starting with alpha and including a numeric
  • Re-enter your “New” password in the Verify Password field
  • Click ‘Save’ and Exit
  • Recommendation:  Change password periodically; usually expire every 90 days

View Banner Password Change Support Article


If you are logged into Banner and leave your computer for a period of time, your Banner session may 'time out.' This message will appear. Log back in to resume working.

Banner Navigation

Components of Banner

Banner Navigation

File Menu – options and functions for menu (like Windows).
Products Menu – Menus by System, modules within the system and forms within modules
(Student, Advancement, Finance, Human Resources, Financial Aid, General and EKU Reports). 
Title Bar – descriptive form name, 7 character form name, version of banner and database name.
Button Bar – toolbar like Windows or Mac (has ‘bubble help’ as you move mouse over button).
GO TO Box – enter 7 character form name and press enter to access the form.
Exit Button - click to exit form and to exit Banner.
Password – click to change password.
Auto/Hint Line – field description, processing messages or error messages.

Button Bar

Banner Navigation

Navigation between Forms

→Use arrow keys when you are on the GO TO field on the Menu or the F5 Navigation window to navigate to recently accessed forms

Banner Navigation

Separator Bar to Distinguish Parts of a Form

Within a form that contains a separator bar, you must "next block" to move in the form.

Banner Navigation

Banner Keystrokes and Menus Guide

Banner Navigation

GUAPMNU- Personal Menu

1. Click on My Banner.
2. Double-click Organize My Banner. (Should be empty)
3. Your cursor is flashing in the Object column, type in your seven character form name.
4. Press Enter on your keyboard.
5. If you wish, you may change the description of the form.
6. If you are done adding forms to your Personal Menu, proceed to step 7.  If you wish to add another form, press the down arrow on your keyboard and repeat steps 3-6.
7. Click on the Save icon to save your changes.  Check your auto hint line to verify that your changes were saved.  Go to step 9.
8. To remove a form from your personal menu, place your cursor on the form name you wish to delete and click on the Remove Record icon.  Go to step 9.
9. Exit the form and click on Menu button from the Toolbar.  This will ‘refresh’ all the forms you added.  Once you open “My Banner”, your forms should be within that folder.

Banner Navigation

Searching from the Key Block

Type last name, first name in the key block and press enter.  

NOTE: If there is only 1 person in the database with that name then the EKU ID number will be displayed.

Banner Navigation

IMPORTANT NOTE:  the % is a useful tool when searching for names.   Some Banner forms are case sensitive and require the first character of a person’s name to be Capitalized.

NOTE:  If more than 1 person matches the name entered, you will get an extended search window with all of the matches for that name.

The search results can be narrowed by entering additional information [i.e. birth date (DD-MM-YYYY), city, state].  Entering the Date of Birth will be the fastest search.  Then click on the search light to execute your new search criteria  

Banner Navigation

Searching with the Search Icon

Click on the down arrow to search for person or non-person information on another form.

Banner Navigation

Click Person Search from the Option List.

Banner Navigation

On SOAIDEN, enter last name in the last name field, first name in the first name field and click Execute QueryAlso, if you have a partial EKU ID number, enter the id number in the id field along with the name.  (Example: %123%)  This will narrow your search.

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