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Banner Data Extract

Internet Native Banner provides the ability to extract data from a banner form into an excel spreadsheet.    The data file with the .csv extension can be opened or saved.

  • Prior to downloading the data file to your pc, make sure that the automatic download on your web browser has been enabled.  
  • The banner finance forms with the extract feature are FGIBDST, FGITRND, FRIGITD and FRIGTRD

After the key blocks on FGIBDST, FGITRND, FRIGITD or FRIGTRD have been entered, next block to view the data and to select the extract option

  • Click on the Help Menu at the top of the form
  • Click Extract Data No Key

Banner Data Extract

At File Download

Banner Data Extract

Click "Open" to view the file in excel 
Click "Save" to save the file with the .csv extension on your pc

The file automatically opens into a spreadsheet.  (Some formatting required)

  • Open Internet Explorer
  • Click on Tools
  • Click Internet Options

Banner Data Extract

Click on the Security Tab
Click on Custom Level

Banner Data Extract

Click to Enable Automatic prompting for file downlads and File Download
Click OK

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