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Login to EKU is a quick link to email, EKU Direct and more.

Map a Network Drive - Windows 8

1. Open Windows File Explorer, and select This PC in the Navigation Pane.  Click the Map network drive button on the ribbon, or right-click This PC and then select Map network drive...

CMS: Upload & Link PDF

How to upload and link to a PDF in the CMS.

IT Website: CK Editor

This article discusses the CK Editor currently used in Drupal.

CMS: Building a Webform

Building a Webform in Drupal Content Management System.

Map a Network Drive - Windows 10

1. Open This PC then click the computer tab and click Map Network drive

2. Now specify a drive letter and type the location of the shared folder.  For example, the student W: drive address:
Also check the boxes before Reconnect at sign-in and Connect using different credentials
Press the Finish button

CMS: Upload Picture or Graphic

Upload a picture or graphic.

Hobsons: Build a Filter

How to build a filter in Hobsons.

CMS: Social Media

CMS-how to change links in the social media section.

EKU Homepage Bottom

Navigating the bottom section of the EKU Homepage.

CMS: Inside Look

CMS-create an Inside Look news story.

CMS: Page

CMS-create a page.

Outlook 2013: Quick Start Guide

This article discusses basic changes in Outlook 2013 from previous versions.

CMS: Event

CMS-create an event.

CMS: Image Gallery

CMS-creating an Image Gallery.

Hobsons: Manage Event Attendance

How to manage event attendance in Hobsons.

CMS: Building a Webform Type & Explanations

Webform types and component explanations.

CMS: Embed Video

How to embed a video.

Banner: Delete Java Cache

Java update fix Database Authentication error in Banner.

Map a Network Drive - Mac OS X

1. Make the Finder utility active, hold the Command key and press the K button to bring up the appropriate server connections.  If Finder is not active, click the blue face icon on the Dock before entering the keyboard command.

2. On the next screen choose to manually specify the network address.  For example, the student W: drive would be: