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Hobsons: Telecenter-Make a Call

How to enter information into Hobsons Connect when making calls to particular clients.

Lync Phone: PIN Management

Manage PIN for Lync phones.

Outlook 2013: Email Personal Folder File (pst)

Create a Personal Folder File (pst) in Outlook 2013.

Banner Finance Manual

The complete Banner Finance User Manual.


Login to EKU is a quick link to email, EKU Direct and more.

Budget Queries in EKUDirect

Budget queries quickly generate real-time budget and easy drill down to see the detail behind factual summary figures.

Hobsons: Build a Filter

How to build a filter in Hobsons.

CMS: Upload & Link PDF

How to upload and link to a PDF in the CMS.

Lync Client: Voicemail

Setting up voicemail using Lync client.

CMS: Building a Webform

Building a Webform in Drupal Content Management System.

BDMS Insert Attachment on Email

This article discusses how to insert an email attachment into Doc Mgr.

CMS: Department Directory

CMS-build or edit a Department Directory.

BDMS Insert Email

This article discusses how to insert an email into Document Manager.

Outlook 2013: Migrating from 2010

This article discusses major changes to the Outlook 2013 interface and usability

Computer Naming: Fixed Asset

How to name computers in Active Directory.

Banner Password

Banner password.

Hobsons: Revise and Create New Event

How to create an event in Hobsons by copying existing event.


What is SPSS?

View Previously Scanned Documents

How to view previously scanned documents in BDMS.