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QuickScan Pro Help Sheet

Help Sheet for QuickScan Pro.

INB User Documentation

This article discusses INB user Documentation.

Banner FGRBDSC Report

This report displays adjusted budget, current and year-to-date activity, budget reservations, and the available balance for each account.  

Web Writing: Plan Your Workflow

Content creation is decentralized in a content management system (CMS). Take time to plan for the new workflow.

Remote Desktop Connection (Mac)

How to connect to another computer using Remote Desktop Connection.

CMS: Content Management

CMS- using the Content Management tool.

Banner Data Extract

Extract data from banner form into an excel spreadsheet.

CMS: Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Guide to the CMS.

CMS: Contact Information

CMS-how to create the contact information section.

CMS: Links-External

Linking to external content in the Content Management System.

Microsoft Account Recovery Tool

Beginning Wednesday, May 29, 2019 employees and students will have the ability to setup self-password resets on their accounts (e.g., Blackboard, myMail).  Once this is enabled after you enter your login information (username/password) you will be prompted with a 'More information required' box on both a PC

Lync Client: Calls & Transfers

Making calls with the Lync Client.


Login to EKU is a quick link to email, EKU Direct and more.

Banner Keystrokes

Banner keystrokes and menus guide.

Lync Phone: PIN Management

Manage PIN for Lync phones.

Data Trustee Program

This support article explains best practice data security management for employees who handle confidential information.

Budget Queries in EKUDirect

Budget queries quickly generate real-time budget and easy drill down to see the detail behind factual summary figures.

Restore Previous Version of a Folder

How to restore the previous version of a folder.

Java 7 Update 67

Java 7 update 67 required.