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All EKU Students may bring their devices to the GEEKS at the Crabbe Library Atrium for assistance in setting up mobile device wireless and email, installation of Cloud Printing, and installation of Office 365.

Wireless/Wired Connections

1. If the device has Wi-Fi that supports WPA2 Enterprise, login to EKU_Secure and the device should work.

2. If the device doesn't support WPA2 Enterprise or you just want a faster more reliable connection--plug the device into the Ethernet in your room.  This may require purchasing a network dongle.

3. If neither option is viable, as in with portable game devices, they will not connect to the campus network.  Is your device compatible with the campus network?

Office 365

Download via your myMail Account

Recommended Student Systems

Minimum & Recommended Systems for Students

Laptop vs Desktop
Mac vs Windows
Do you need a printer?

What technology to bring to campus?

Find out more about what technology to bring to EKU.

Device Compatibility with campus wi-fi 

Wireless on Campus 

Cable in the Residence Halls

Get free IT help -- contact the IT Geeks:

Walk-in: Library Atrium (Current Hours)
Call: 859-622-GEEK (4335)
Twitter\Facebook: @EKUGeeks

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