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Physical Security

Ensure the physical security of your electronics will keep your private information and sensitive data out of danger.

Best Practices

  • Use a strong password or PIN
  • Set up automatic screen locking and get into the habit of locking your screen when you walk away
  • Never leave mobile devices unattended (e.g., USB flash drives, removable disks, memory cards, external hard drives, camera, records, phones, tablets)
  • Don’t store sensitive data on a computer or mobile devices unless it is encrypted and keep your University data separate from your personal devices
  • Install an antivirus on your PCs that will actively scan for viruses and malware when any type of removable media or device is connected
  • Disable the ‘autorun’ and ‘autoplay’ features for all removable media or devices.
  • If you see anything unusual, say something

Lock Your Screen

It may seem harmless to step away from your workstation without locking your screen but it only takes a moment for someone to see something they shouldn’t, access your files, or even install malicious software that records everything you do.

Windows users can press Windows + L to lock your screen at any time and Mac users can quickly activate their lock screen in the latest version of Mac OS.


If you want to avoid the worry of a stolen device, keep your laptop or mobile device with you at all time or lock it somewhere safe.

Unattended devices account for most of the thefts at EKU and a stolen device can quickly become a security nightmare for you.

Phone tracking apps, like Apple’s Find My iPhone or Android’s Device Manager, can help recover your device if it’s lost or stolen.  However, these services don’t always work (e.g., if your device is powered off), so it is a good idea to write down the serial numbers of all your devices and store them in a secure location, just in case.

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