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Password Managers

Password Managers

Creating a strong password and changing it often (every 3-6 months) is one of the best ways to protect yourself.  It is also important to have different passwords for all of your accounts in the event one is hacked it doesn't affect all of them.  So, how do you remember all those passwords without writing them down (another no-no)?  By using a password manager or vault.

A password manager is software that stores and encrypts your usernames and passwords for websites and applications that you use.  It a lot more secure than writing down this information or storing it in your browser--both are easily hacked.

Many also offer two-factor authentication.

Should you use one or not?

Ask your self these questions.  If you answer yes 2 or more of them would be helpful for you to find one to use.  

  • Do you access a lot of websites every day?  The more passwords you need to remember, the less likely you are to follow good password practices.
  • Do you reuse passwords on different websites?  Every time you do this, you decrease the security of that password.
  • Do you find yourself frequently resetting passwords?  If you do, this manager would help you manage all that to lessen the frustration.
  • Do you frequently use multiple devices?  If you have to log in more because you are using different devices you might be tempted to reuse passwords.
  • Do you save passwords in your browser(s)?  This practice is unsafe and one that is easily hacked.

Password Managers & Vaults

EKU does not offer password managers to our users and does not support any of the products listed below.  However, we are listing some of the higher rated ones below for your own information.  You should view features and any costs associated with them before making a decision on which one to use.

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