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Office 365 Account and Login Information

Your Account Credentials 

You will authenticate your Office 365 account like you do your G Suite for Education account, with your full EKU email address and password:


Signing In - Employees (Students can access app menu from myMail account)

  1. Open  This is the first screen you will see until you login the first time.  After this initial setup, you should see the EKU authentication page like the one shown above.  Type in your full EKU email address and press space or enter and you should be forwarded to the EKU authentication page. 
  2. On the EKU Authentication page use your full EKU email address and password to login:
  3. The first time you access your drive you will see this setup screen:
    one drive
  4. When the drive is ready, you will see Your OneDrive is ready -->.  Click that link.
    one drive login
  5. On the main screen there is an Office 365 app menu (1) at the top left of the screen and the main OneDrive area (2): 
    one drive screen