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IT Mission Statement

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Information Technology Mission Statement

The mission of Information Technology (IT) is to provide a leadership role in support of academic excellence, administrative decision-making and operational effectiveness by

  • Developing and maintaining superior communications and computing infrastructure;
  • Providing prompt and knowledgeable support to all users of EKU digital communications and computing;
  • Identifying and responding to changing needs of the university through fiscally responsible collaboration and innovation;
  • Developing and promoting a unified vision of technology that supports student-centered learning.

IT Goals

  • Evaluate and implement emerging technologies in order to solve problems, enhance processes and services, and assist with defining direction for the university community.
  • Facilitate the use of technology throughout the institution.
  • Provide and maintain secure and reliable information technologies to meet the university's changing needs.
  • Provide professional development and training in the use of technology in order to increase the productivity, efficiency, and communication expertise of students, faculty and staff.