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Employees Leaving the University

Employees Leaving University for another job

NOTE: Students must have taken a credit course.

Retain* access to: Lose access to:

-Employment records in EKU Direct

-Office 365 and services including OneDrive, e-mail
-G Suite and services including Google Drive, apps
-Online library journals and databases
-W: Drive

*As long as their EKU ID is active.

Employees who are retiring

If you retire from EKU you will retain your email address and access to employment records in EKU Direct.

Before Leaving EKU Employee Checklist

  • Email.  If you retire from EKU your email will be disabled _____ days after you leave EKU.  If you leave the university for another job or any other reason your accounts are discontinued immediately according to your last day, identified by HR.
  • Copy any files you are entitled to keep, including:
    • Instructions for backing up your OneDrive Data  
    • Instructions for backing up your Google Drive Data (link to a page with instructions for getting your data to your computer)
  • Remove software that belongs to EKU, including any work-at-home editions

If you have any questions regarding your student status with the university, please contact the Registrar's office, Graduate School Office, or another office that identified you as a student.