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Strategic Plan 2016-2020

EKU Strategic Plan

Information Technology (IT) Strategic Plan

Vision  Statement

In an ever-changing technological world, EKU's Information Technology Division will lead the way in transformative innovations beyond our university community's expectations.

Mission Statement

EKU's Information Technology Division delivers the highest level of service while providing stewardship of technological resources to advance the university's mission.


Goal 1: Collaboration.  Increase collaboration to influence university decision makers, stakeholders, and external entities.


  1. Develop reliable relationships with university decision makers, stakeholders, and external entities.
  2. Improve decision making for deployment of technology systems by collaborating with users.
  3. Improve IT governance to provide a mechanism to influence technology decisions.
  4. Improve reporting on vendor interactions to demonstrate collaboration with vendors

Goal 2: Security and Reliability.  Improve security and reliability of technology systems.


  1. Create a university security team.
  2. Secure funding for technology infrastructure replacement cycles.
  3. Implement a university security policy.

Goal 3: Technology.  Evaluate and implement emerging technologies in order to solve problems, enhance processes and services, and assist with defining directions for the university community.


  1. Invest in professional development/research and development opportunities for staff, such as emerging technology conferences, etc.
  2. Pilot potential technology solutions with stakeholders.
  3. Identify user needs.