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Get free IT help - contact the IT Service Desk:

    Walk-in: Combs 208  (Current Hours)
    Call: 859-622-3000
    Twitter: @EKUITColonels  |  Facebook: @ekuitservicedesk

Connect to the Internet and Networks

Access to the Internet and University network through wired and Wi-Fi connections.

Manage Passwords

Your EKU ID (username and password) give you access to many online tools and services offered by the University.

Manage Data & Documents

Store, access, and share data, documents, and files.

Use Technology for Courses

With technology tools, you can create or teach in face-to-face, hybrid, and online courses.

Use Communication & Conferencing Tools

Use University-support technologies to communicate with large audiences, small groups, or individuals.

Produce Video, Media, & Graphics

Find technology and support services for producing and storing video, media, and graphics.

Practice Safe Computing

Learning how to keep your computers, mobile devices, and data safe, both at home and at the University.

Off-campus connection (VPN)

You can access other EKU computers (PC's only) from on campus or off campus.