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National Cyber Security Awareness Month

Back Up Your Digital Life

The best back up program you can have is one that works automatically in the background. 

How to automatically back up your digital life

Cyber Security Tips 

Keep a Clean Machine

  • Update security software
  • Automate software updates
  • Protect all devices that connect to the Internet
  • Plug & scan all external devices

Protect Your Personal Information

  • Secure your accounts
  • Make passwords long and strong
  • Unique account, unique password
  • Write it down and keep it safe
  • Own your online presence

Connect with Care

  • When in doubt, throw it out
  • Get savvy about Wi‐Fi hotspots
  • Protect your $$ and only bank or shop when the web address is https:// or shttp://

Be Web Wise

  • Stay current
  • Think before you act
  • Back it up

Help the authorities fight cybercrime: Report stolen finances or identities and other cybercrime to: Internet Crime Complaint Center and the Federal Trade Commission

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Published on October 01, 2013