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IT's Web Site Optimized for Mobile Devices

Did you know that IT's new web site has been optimized for all mobile devices? The web site is now responsive. Give it a try on your iPad, tablet or phone. This illustration by James Mellers explains how responsive web design works on different devices. 

Students, faculty and staff at EKU all consume content differently. Some use a laptop, others prefer a netbook, many use their smartphone. The IT site now adapts to screen size and operating systems. To see the new responsive web design in action, simply open this article in an internet browser and slowly decrease the size of the browser.

"In July, 2011 a decision was made to test the newest Drupal Content Management System (Drupal 7) during a redesign of the IT web site," said Tammy Cornett. "The Communications Team determined the new IT web site needed to focus on clear and concise content that is correct and easy to follow for anyone looking for IT support online. Google analytics and a website user evaluation clearly indicated the new web site was well received on campus. After observing an increase in mobile users in Nov/Dec., a decision to test responsive web design on the site was reached. Responsive web design allows our users to access this new content on any device." 

"The number of devices we are seeing on campus continues to grow, and creating a different version of a web site to target each device is just not practical. Responsive web design solves this problem," added Daniel Boggs, Web Developer. "One of the most challenging things about implementing this campus wide is we are not simply developing a drupal theme for a single page web site, we are developing a responsive theme for a custom Content Management System that is built for every site on campus. Granted all sites look similar but there are different components on each site and the responsive theme must accommodate that."

Testing will continue on emerging web trends.

Published on January 05, 2012