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With the convenience of high-speed Internet on campus, many students at Eastern bring their own computer. For students who need to use a computer, there are labs on campus designed to provide students with access to the university's academic computing resources.

IT Computer Labs are located in 3 locations on campus, comprising a network of almost 300 workstations available for student use. Specific academic departments may also operate a lab. 

IT Computer Lab Associates and Student Workers can assist students with general questions regarding programs and the operation of computers, both Mac and Windows, in the labs. "I have a basic understanding of how all the software works and can help students get started with their projects if they need help," said Travis Abner, Computer Lab Associate.

"I have worked as a Student Worker since the spring semester," said Michael Coldiron, MOT major. "I enjoy the spontaneity of the job the most. At times I am required to multitask things such as answering student questions, repairing machines, answering the phone, and monitoring the lab. This will prepare me for my profession as an Occupational Therapist, which will definitely require me to split my attention and multitask."

 Lab Associates and Student Workers are available to assist students with:

  • Blackboard & blackboard printing
  • Computer basics
  • Excel
  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop
  • Powerpoint

IT Computer Labs feature both Mac and Window computers, scanners and printers, and computers are loaded with all the software necessary on campus to fulfill class requirements. Laptops are available for checkout at the main library desk.

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Published on August 16, 2011