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Incubator Classroom


"Today’s students have engaged with technology all of their lives. By exploring various instructional technologies in a technologically-supportive environment we seek to envision new possibilities for improved communication, teaching and learning," said Dr. Richard Day, LEAF fellow.

"The LEAF program occurred because Mona Isaacs, AVP of IT, brought the seed of an excellent idea to the Teaching & Learning Center. From there, the idea blossomed as more people, excellent ideas, and actual implementation occurred," said Charlie Sweet, Co-Director, Teaching & Learning Center (TLC). "The best part of LEAF is the synthesis of various areas represented in our logo. The basic idea is Gestalt-the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Each year we put a call out for LEAF fellows, faculty members who would like to spend a year in the program and use the Incubator Classroom to teach a class."

The Incubator Classroom is located in Technology Commons in the lower level of the Powell Building. The classroom features the newest technologies available including: multiple projectors, SMARTBoard, Touchscreen Computers, Audience Response, Audio/Visual technology (microphones, DVD, etc.) Document Camera, Netbooks, and various software based technology like PowerPoint, Prezi, TI-83 Calculator simulation and some 3-D.

"I've been involved with LEAF in various capacities for the past three years and have enjoyed every minute of the challenges related to teaching in the Incubator Classroom. Those of us involved in the LEAF Fellows program are going out on a limb (pun intended) as we consider how a non-traditional, technology-rich academic space intersects with research and theory from instructional communication, pedagogy, instructional design and education in systemically impacting student learning outcomes," said Jayne Violette, Associate Professor in the Department of Communication. "Teaching in the Incubator Classroom for me is simultaneously exhilarating and terrifying. However, between receiving excellent support from IT staff, ongoing encouragement from the LEAF Committee and TLC, and seeing firsthand how students enjoy this learning space has made whatever risks I've taken as a teacher well worth my time and effort."

For more information about the LEAF program and the Incubator Classroom, contact Jean Marlow.

Published on October 10, 2011