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Educational Technology Report

Educational Technology Report

Educational Technology Report 2015

IT-Educational Technology strives to provide the very best in AV infrastructure that allows our faculty and students to enjoy a seamless and high-quality multimedia experience in every instructional space, auditorium, office, and recreational area on campus. We are extremely proud for our part in fulfilling the technological visions of the various departments and colleges across the University while providing guidance and standards to ensure each individual system performs reliably and as desired.

We present our reflections on 2015 (Projects reported as FY2016) with mix of data and celebration for a long road traveled. You will see the yearly project breakdown, operations report along with some project highlights as well as a couple notable examples of how educational technology has changed just in the past year, and finally some assessment of where we are and what may lie ahead as we move further into 2016 and beyond.


Published on March 11, 2016