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Disabled Student Email Accounts

Disabled Student Email Accounts

You may or may not have noticed that since the start of the year, EKU has been bombarded with phishing attempts and spam emails. This was, in large part, due to compromised student email accounts.

IT identified around 275 student accounts last week that were hacked and sending out large amounts of spam emails. We watched them for a week, waiting for students to identify email issues and change their passwords, before moving on our fix.

On Tuesday, January 24, IT reset email passwords and stopped any email forwarding in accounts that were still compromised.

If students were locked out of their accounts:

  • If you are a current student, you can reset your password in EKU Direct (Login to EKU Direct>Personal Information>Change Active Directory Password).  
  • If not, you can call the IT Service Desk and they can do it for you: 859.622.3000 (Hours:


Published on January 25, 2017