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Recover Your Account

Recover Your Account

EKU IT will be deploying the Microsoft Account Recovery tool for faculty, staff, and students on Wednesday, May 29.  This will allow users who have forgotten their email/Microsoft Azure account (OWA, SharePoint, Google Drive, etc.) password to gain access to their account and reset their password.

Users will need a working phone number or working [non-EKU] email account that you can access so we can send you information about your request.  If you don’t have another email account you can create a Gmail account quickly here: 

On the morning of Wednesday, May 29 all users will be prompted to set up the recovery tool on their account when trying to access any systems that uses your Microsoft Azure account such as OWA, SharePoint, Google Drive, etc.  You will not be permitted to use the system until the recovery tool is set up and cannot stop the setup process once it has started.

For more information, please see this IT web page:

Published on May 21, 2019