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Verizon Spam

Verizon Spam sent from the domain is being spoofed & sent through Verizon servers & not originating from EKU



Smart Computing is everyone's responsibility. 

EKU Information Security Plan

It isn't easy but you should arm yourself with the knowledge you need to keep your private information safe while keeping other university users safe too.

Every day there are hackers trying to get at your personal information and the personal information and data of the university.

We work hard to make sure your private information is protected but security takes a village and no cheese stands alone in the fight!

The first thing everyone should do is arm themselves with knowledge and follow through with plans (e.g. strong passwords you change every 3-6 months, backing up your data, etc.).

The second thing everyone should do is help arm those they are connected to--family, friends, co-workers, etc.  We are stronger together and our networks must work together to gain strength!

The third thing everyone should do is report incidents when they occur--this includes everything from removing viruses and malware as soon as they appear, forwarding IT spam & phishing at instead of responding to, clicking, and opening attachments on unsolicited emails, etc.

Incident Response 

Our incident response form.  This form is for all incidents related to:

  • University data (PII, etc.)
  • HIPAA-protected data
  • FERPA-protected data

Spam & Phishing

If you believe an email is a spam or phishing message, please forward to IT here: 

In the unlikely event you forward the spam email a legitimate email, we will tell you it is legitimate.

Other Incidents

  • If you get a virus or other malware on your PC, use an antivirus and/or Malwarebytes Anti-Malware to remove it immediately  If you are an EKU student, you can leave your PC with the IT Geeks on the 2nd floor of Roark and they will do this for you, for free!  Faculty/staff can ask the IT Service Desk in Combs 208 for assistance if it is on your EKU machine.
  • Anything else you want to report, you can always reach out to IT at .  Just give us as many details as possible regarding the incident, along with your full contact information (e.g., full name, EKU or other email address, and a working phone number with area code)


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IT@EKU is currently working on wireless across campus. 
If you experience difficulty with WiFi we need some specifics to address the issue.

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Stay Safe Online

Stay Safe Online

A quick tip guide to staying safe online.

Back Up & Save

Back Up Your Data

Why risk losing your data?

IT Notice: Java Update

IT Notice

Java 7 Update 67: Banner requires new version of Java


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