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Colonels Be Safe & Secure

Because of all the recent 'Secure in Place' alerts from Public Safety and other campus safety issues (e.g., phishing, spam), we have put together a page to help users stay on top of the information they need.

EKU offers two ways to know about and report emergencies.  The EKU Alert system is RAVE Mobile Safety and our mobile security app is called LiveSafe.

EKU Safety

EKU Safety

A software titled Alertus should be on all EKU employee and lab computers and if isn't can be found at Q:\install\Packages\Alertus .   When there is an emergency, those computers should display a notification like this:


Other resources:

The EKU Emergency Guide Poster (PDF)

What to do when Public Safety announces 'Secure in Place' for the campus.

And, if you are concerned about CyberSecurity you can:

  1. Follow the EKU IT Twitter account:  @EKUITColonels
  2. Watch your email for IT Notice alerts.
  3. Be diligent and alert IT to all emails that seem like spam or phishing:
  4. Ignore & Delete obvious spam and phishing without clicking or downloading anything from the email or text.
  5. Remember that EKU will never ask for your passwords or other personal information via an email.

Also, visit

Published on October 19, 2016