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Students Leaving the University

Leaving EKU?  There are a number of tasks you will need to complete before leaving the University, such as uninstalling software, moving cloud-stored files and more. 

Effective Wednesday, March 3, 2021, individuals who leave the University will lose access to the following IT Services:

  • Office 365 (including student email accounts)
  • G Suite

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Students who leave EKU but never graduate from EKU

Before Leaving EKU Student Checklist

Students who leave EKU but never graduate from EKU

NOTE: Students must have taken a credit course.

  Lose access to these immediately:


-Office 365 and services including OneDrive, e-mail
-G Suite and services including Google Drive, apps
-Online library journals and databases
-W: Drive
-EKU Direct



Before Leaving EKU Student Checklist

  • Email.  When you leave EKU, Microsoft will remove your email accounts.  Usually you have up to one (1) month, but it's the best idea to back up during final's week.
    -Import email and contacts from myMail to personal Gmail account: Link 1  |  Link 2  |  myMail POP, IMAM, SMTP Settings
  • Copy any files you are entitled to keep, including:
  • Remove software that belongs to EKU
  • Obtain a Transcript. Potential employers or graduate school admissions may request a copy of your transcript.  Order a copy early, and dazzle them with your preparedness. 

If you have any questions regarding your student status with the university, please contact the Registrar's office, Graduate School Office, or another office that identified you as a student.