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The New OWA Interface

New interface for OWA with Exchange 2013.

Office 365 iPad Setup

How to set up MIcrosoft Office 365 on iPad.

Web Writing: Plan Your Workflow

Content creation is decentralized in a content management system (CMS). Take time to plan for the new workflow.

QuickScan Pro Help Sheet

Help Sheet for QuickScan Pro.

Banner: Rule Code Definitions

Summary of finance terms/abbreviations (rule code definitions) in Banner.

INB User Documentation

This article discusses INB user Documentation.

Restore Previous Version of a Folder

How to restore the previous version of a folder.

Banner FGRODTA Report

How to run the FGRODTA (Organizational Detail Activity) Report.

BDMS Basics: Help Sheet for WebApp

BDMS Help Sheet for WebApp.

Banner Data Extract

Extract data from banner form into an excel spreadsheet.