Information Technology A to Z Index

IT Support

Wired: Linux PC

Connecting a Linux PC to wired/ethernet in residence halls.

Email: Recover Deleted Emails

This article is for employees that need to recover an email deleted from their inbox within 60 days of deletion.

Mac: MAC Address

Instructions on how to find the MAC address for ethernet or wireless networking card on a Mac computer.

Lync Phone: Contacts

Sorting Contacts on Lync phone at EKU.

CMS: Image Sizes

Image sizes for the Content Management System at EKU.

Lync Phone: Transfer & Conference Calls

Transfer calls and join for conference calls on Lync phone.

Lync Client: Chat (Instant Messaging)

Using the Lync Client for IM. (Chat or Instant Messaging)

iOS: Screenshot

Take a screenshot on your iphone.

Mac: Screenshot

Learn how to take pictures of the screen (screenshots) on a Mac. These screenshots are saved as files on the desktop.

Windows: Screenshot

How to take a screenshot on a Windows computer.