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Blackboard: Current Known Issues

This page collects a list of the currently known issues with our Blackboard system.  This list will be updated as new issues are discovered or as Blackboard patches the system and fixes issues.  

  • Course cards are not sorting properly by terms - Course cards on the courses page should be separated in to different columns based on the term that the course was offered, but they are currently either sorting improperly or are all in one column
  • Students are unable to hide course cards - Instructors in courses are able to hide course cards, but students are unable to at this time
  • Mobile app regularly logs out students - Currently, students will be frequently logged out of the mobile app, causing them to have to log back in again many times a day and which may cause them to miss notifications
  • Mobile app giving duplicate push notifications to students - The mobile app will frequently give duplicate notifications for a single event
  • Students receiving overdue notifications for assignments that were submitted on-time - The Blackboard Activity Stream will sometimes give notifications that students are overdue on assignments that they completed before the due date
  • Last Access date in the grade center sometimes shows incorrect dates - The Last Access column in the grade center sometimes shows the wrong date for a student's last access to the course - sometimes during dates where the course was unavailable to students
  • Files attached to the feedback tool when grading sometimes cannot be downloaded - Sometimes when files are attached to the feedback tool when grading assignments there is an error which causes students to be unable to download the file
  • Students can edit the descriptions of Discussion Board forums - Students can see the edit button and can use it to modify the descriptions of forums in the discussion board, which they should not be able to do
  • Rubrics show grades with a number of decimal places - Rubrics will show grades out to five decimal places, regardless of whether the grade number should require them.  In addition, numbers are sometimes displayed incorrectly (ie, 12.99999 instead of 13)
  • Group Discussion Board forums are renamed when student enrollments in groups change - When student enrollments in groups in Blackboard change, they sometimes cause the Discussion Board forums to be renamed to a generic name (the name of the group followed by 1, 2, 3, etc)