Information Technology A to Z Index

Web Support

CMS: Content Management

CMS- using the Content Management tool.

CMS: Contact Information

CMS-how to create the contact information section.

SSVLPN Setup (Mac)

Instructions to set up SSLVPN on a Mac using Safari.

IT Website: CK Editor

This article discusses the CK Editor currently used in Drupal.

Remote Desktop Connection (Mac)

How to connect to another computer using Remote Desktop Connection.

CMS: Links-External

Linking to external content in the Content Management System.

EKU Homepage

Navigating the top section of the EKU Homepage (5/2013).

CMS: Alt Text

To make a web page accessible for people who use talking browsers, screen readers, text browsers or browsers on small devices you must include alternative text (alt text) with your images.


Login to EKU is a quick link to email, EKU Direct and more.

CMS: Upload & Link PDF

How to upload and link to a PDF in the CMS.