Information Technology A to Z Index

Web Support

Web Writing: Best Practices

Guidelines, tips, and hints for writing more effective web content. This article is for students, faculty and staff.

Remote/VPN into a Computer

Directions for remoting into a computer.


Instructions to set up SSLVPN on a PC.

Remote Desktop Connection (PC)

How to connect to another computer using Remote Desktop Connection.

CMS: Content Types

CMS-content type options.

CMS: Links

This article discusses Menu Link Titles and external links.

CMS: Log in

CMS-how to log in to your webpage in the EKU content management system. 

Web Writing: Plan Your Workflow

Content creation is decentralized in a content management system (CMS). Take time to plan for the new workflow.

Office 365 iPad Setup

How to set up MIcrosoft Office 365 on iPad.

Transferring Website Content to Your Personal Webspace (w:drive)

How to move web pages to your EKU webspace.