Information Technology A to Z Index

Employee Support

CMS: Links

This article discusses Menu Link Titles and external links.

CMS: Log in

CMS-how to log in to your webpage in the EKU content management system. 

The New OWA Interface

New interface for OWA with Exchange 2013.

Banner: Rule Code Definitions

Summary of finance terms/abbreviations (rule code definitions) in Banner.

Web Writing: Plan Your Workflow

Content creation is decentralized in a content management system (CMS). Take time to plan for the new workflow.

QuickScan Pro Help Sheet

Help Sheet for QuickScan Pro.

INB User Documentation

This article discusses INB user Documentation.

Banner FGRODTA Report

How to run the FGRODTA (Organizational Detail Activity) Report.

Restore Previous Version of a Folder

How to restore the previous version of a folder.