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CMS Support

CMS: Alt Text

To make a web page accessible for people who use talking browsers, screen readers, text browsers or browsers on small devices you must include alternative text (alt text) with your images.

CMS: Add Link to Webpage

How to add an event created in Hobsons Connect to a webpage.

CMS: Upload & Link PDF

How to upload and link to a PDF in the CMS.


Login to EKU is a quick link to email, EKU Direct and more.

CMS: Building a Webform

Building a Webform in Drupal Content Management System.

CMS: Department Directory

CMS-build or edit a Department Directory.


URL's for pages within a website.

CMS: Upload Picture or Graphic

Upload a picture or graphic.

EKU Homepage Bottom

Navigating the bottom section of the EKU Homepage.

CMS: Page

CMS-create a page.