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Office 365 for Education: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


  1. How do I access the services?
    Student Email:

    You will login using your full EKU email address:

  2. What browsers are compatible with Office 365?  Most modern browsers are supported in Office 365 including Windows Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, and Google Chrome.  However, being a Microsoft product, Internet Explorer or Edge work best.
  3. What Office apps are available? Office Online: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote
  4. Can I access 365 on my mobile devices?  Yes.  There are mobile versions of Office 365 services available for Windows, iPhone and Android--tablets and phones.
  5. Do I get to keep my Office 365 apps after I graduate or leave the University?  Once you are no longer enrolled in classes or terminate employment, your subscription to Office 365 for Education will end and your account will be deactivated.  You should migrate (move) your data from your online storage BEFORE you leave the University as you will lose access to the data once your subscription is terminated.  You may enroll into the consumer or commercial offers available, but there is not currently a mechanism in place to transfer your data from and Office 365 for Education account to a consumer Office 365 account.  NOTE: Student alumni who graduate will get to keep their email accounts!
  6. How do I reset my password for Office 365 for Education?  This account is linked to your EKU email credentials.  To reset your Office 365 for Education password, you must reset your EKU email password in EKU Direct.  Note: It can take up to three hours for the change to sync with Microsoft, through it is usually much faster.
  7. When should I use OneDrive storage instead of a service like DropBox?  Always, because OneDrive and Google Drive are the official university solutions for cloud storage and collaboration needs.  Consumer drives, like DropBox, should never be used for University storage because they do not meet our data storage requirements or the laws of the state of Kentucky or federal rules and regulations.
  8. Will my email or personal information be shared with anyone outside EKU?  No.  EKU does not share your personal information with anyone.
  9. I noticed an app I used previously is no longer on my app list.  What’s up?  EKU does not determine the app offering list.  If Microsoft decides they want to be paid for an app and takes it off the app menu, you would need to purchase it if you want to use it.


  1. I already use Office products like Word and Excel on my computer.  Will my Office 365 account affect my use of Office products on my PC? No.  
  2. I already have a full copy of Office installed on my computer, do I need to use the one in Office 365 for Education from EKU?  No.  If you already have a software key, you do not.  However, if you decide to install the EKU-version, uninstall the other copy first and restart your machine before making a new install of the same software.  Note: Once you leave the University the EKU-version must be removed from your personal devices.
  3. Can I download Office 365 to my computer?  Yes and No.  Microsoft Office provides access to online versions of office products like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote.  You don’t need to download anything to use these services.  You do, however, have five copies of Office ProPlus if you want to install them on your PC or devices.
  4. Am I allowed to keep Office software (installed from Office 365 for Education) installed on my devices after I graduate or leave EKU?  No.  After you graduate or leave the University all EKU software should be removed from your personal devices.
  5. How do I deactivate a licenses in order to recover one (1) or more of my five (5) licenses?  From the Software section under Office 365, find the device you wish to deactivate the install on and click deactivate.


  1. How large is my OneDrive storage?  1 Terabyte cloud storage (1T)


  1. How large is my EKU student email account?  50 GB
  2. Why was my EKU email account suspended?  Your account was suspended for abuse because Microsoft suspects it was compromised.  Microsoft will suspend accounts that are breaking their terms of service, usually because the accounts integrity has been compromised.  When that happens contact the IT Service Desk: 859.622.3000


  1. You can send an email to: with questions.  Please send your complete contact information with questions or issues.  Screenshots are sometimes helpful.
  2. For installation assistance or troubleshooting you can also click this online form to create a help ticket with the IT Service Desk or you can stop by the IT Service Desk in Combs 208 or a Geek location in Tech Commons, the library atrium, or Combs 208.  Hours and contact information:

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