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Verizon Spam

Verizon Spam sent from the domain is being spoofed & sent through Verizon servers & not originating from EKU


Incident Response (Create a form where folks could send in things they encounter...)

Send an email to: __________
To the best of your knowledge, please let us know:
• The nature of the incident.Was a system or application compromised? If so, how?
• When did the incident occur, and when was it discovered?
• How was the incident discovered?

Faculty Laptop Rollout

2015 Faculty Laptop options for the Computer Rollout

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New IT Twitter @EKUITColonels!



IT@EKU is currently working on wireless across campus. 
If you experience difficulty with WiFi we need some specifics to address the issue.

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lync 2013

Rolling out across campus now!
Find out more.

Stay Safe Online

Stay Safe Online

A quick tip guide to staying safe online.

Back Up & Save

Back Up Your Data

Why risk losing your data?


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