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G Suite for Education: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


  1. How do I access the services?
    Google Drive\Docs: (most apps can be accessed via this URL)
    Google Groups:
    Hangouts: (not custom for this app)
    Classroom: (not custom for this app)

    You will login using your full EKU email address:

  2. Does G Suite for Education work better in certain browsers?  Yes.  You can access your G Suite for Education apps in all newer browsers but Chrome is best.

  3. How much storage space does Google Drive offer?  Unlimited.  Through the Google Apps for Education subscription provided by EKU, all employees and students have unlimited storage capacity as long as you are affiliated with the university.

  4. Is there a backup/restore ability available for Docs?  EKU does not provide backup/restore for Google Accounts.  However, if you are concerned about archiving your data on your own system, Google has two services that can help you create backups and migrate data between services:  The Data Liberation Front   AND    Google Takeout services

  5. Will I retain access to my Google account when I graduate or leave the University?   No. All access is lost after you graduate or leave employment with the University so if you want to retain your files you will have to migrate (move) them before you graduate.  This includes taking a semester break.  Anytime you leave the university and are no longer a student, even if you do or do not graduate.

  6. How should I backup my files from my Google Drive?  Use the Vault feature.

  7. Why should I use an EKU G Suite for Education account?  EKU G Suite for Education is a protected space allowing users to share content and collaborate with others inside and outside the University.  You use your EKU email credentials to access all apps that have been made available to you.

  8. Why isn’t Gmail included?  Both students and employees are given Outlook accounts that should be used instead.  EKU opted out of Gmail and a few other things because a Microsoft option was already in place for both users.  Also, since contacts and calendars are already in place with current email products, access to Google Contacts and Google Calendar are also disabled.

  9. Can I access G Suite on my mobile devices?  Yes.  There are mobile versions of G Suite apps available for Windows, iPhone and Android--tablets and phones.

  10. How do I reset my password for G Suite for Education?  This account is linked to your EKU email credentials.  To reset your G Suite for Education password, you must reset your EKU email password in EKU Direct.  Note: It can take up to three hours for the change to sync with Google, through it is usually much faster.

  11. When should I use Google Drive storage instead of a service like DropBox?  Always, because OneDrive and Google Drive are the official university solutions for cloud storage and collaboration needs.  Consumer drives, like DropBox, should never be used for University storage because they do not meet our data storage requirements or the laws of the state of Kentucky or federal rules and regulations.


  • How large is my Google Drive?  Unlimited in size


  1. Google says I have a conflicting account.  What does that mean?  Previously you had a personal Google account with which you used your as your username.  You must now associate that account with a new username--usually a new email address.  You will need to manually migrate (share) Google Documents with your new university Google account.


  1. You can send an email to: with questions.  Please send your complete contact information with questions or issues.  Screenshots are sometimes helpful.
  2. For installation assistance or troubleshooting you can also click this online form to create a help ticket with the IT Service Desk or you can stop by the IT Service Desk in Combs 208 or a Geek location in Tech Commons, the library atrium, or Combs 208.  Hours and contact information:

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